Rhetorical analysis why i hate britney

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Rhetorical analysis why i hate britney

More Essay Examples on Rhetoric Rubric She also uses different quotes from several internet sites about the changes in how tweens want to dress.

The genre has small bits of humor but I sense more angst towards the way our younger generation is becoming more sexualized. Nisey Williams, a senior at UT Austin is making the argument. She hopes to become a High School English teacher one day.

The ethos that she makes is mostly towards the character of Britney. Since Nisey is majoring in Cultural Anthropology, she most likely has strong knowledge in the subject she is writing about here.

She uses an example that was given to her by a co-worker. Several facts are used to make her argument. They start becoming sexually active earlier. Her claims are mostly to strike a nerve with parents for the facts that children want to dress more provocative today. The contexts deal with the social and cultural changes these young girls are facing when it comes to fitting in.

Britney and other sexually charged pop stars are setting bad examples with their clothing and behavior and parents should not allow singers such as her to become role models for their children.

Why I Hate Britney - Sample Essays

She drew me in with her first paragraph on why she chooses not to have children. At first I thought it was going to be a very funny article. I was happy to see the shift that the article took as the serious evidence was presented.

This is a matter that more parents need to take more seriously. Her language is very blunt and straight to the point but also contains an abundance of sarcasm.

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Although this is a topic that has always been important to me, she really had a way to make it of more importance.I didn’t know it at the time, but I hated Britney for the same reason that many teenagers hate many things: because, on some deep, intuitive, lizard-brain level, hatred is a useful way to define and clarify your position in the world.

Everything's an Argument with Readings complements this approach with a uniquely broad range of examples -- from essays to billboards to emails to radio programs -- that help students recognize and respond to the arguments all around them.

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Rhetorical analysis why i hate britney

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