Maths coursework matrix investigation

Francesca Hawes is one such example. In the final year we focus on sustainability: We set lots of design projects to simulate a working environment and you can expect to use computer modelling techniques to optimise and refine your design proposals.

Maths coursework matrix investigation

Maths coursework matrix investigation

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Also, try to find a pattern, if there is one. However, when the power is an odd number the matrix stays the same so [pic] My prediction for [pic] matrix is: The determinant for this matrix A is -1 because 1x -1 -0x3that means that if we multiply A with the inverse of A so [pic] the result would be [pic] identity matrix.

But what we can see it is somehow related to the identity matrix.

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Because of the first result, which is just squaring, is 4x[pic] From these calculations I can see that the formula for an even powers would be: But we know that when we raise something to the negative power is the same as: So simply saying when the n was a positive odd number the matrix was [pic] and when n was the same but negative the result was [pic] so almost the same but every element in the matrix was 1 over the result from the positive.

Now I am going to try a different value for b: Which made the determinant always a negative number and multiplication of two the same numbers e.

The general rule for odd powers:The BSc Bioveterinary Sciences course is a unique blend of the biological sciences relating to animals, the way they work, their health, their diseases and their relationships with humans.

Maths coursework matrix investigation

MATRICES Elements, Columns, Rows and Order of Matrix Matrix Operations Determinant and Inverse Display information in the form of a matrix of any order. Use simple examples to illustrate that information can be stored in a matrix.5/5(2).

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Reading, discussion, investigation, and preparation and presentation of reports on selected mathematical topics, under faculty supervision beyond the students’ courses of study. Satisfies University Studies VI: Common Requirements/Capstone Course. BIVARIATE DATA: GESTATION AND LIFESPAN ­ Possible Answer Problem Is there a relationship between the gestation period and lifespan of mammals?

An introduction to the basic ideas and notations involved in describing sets and their functions will be given. This module helps students to formalise the idea of the size of a set and what it means to be finite, countably infinite or uncountably finite. Maths Coursework- Matrix Investigation Maths SL Matrix Investigation I will try to investigate in powers of matrices (2×2). Also, try to find a pattern, if there is one. Balls of Fury/Walk Hard/Talladega Nights A Syllabus of a Course in Elementary Physics (), Frederick E Sears Packaging in France - Strategic Forecasts to Darkling, Yasmine Galenorn, Cassandra Campbell .

The Common App has announced that the Personal Essay Writing Prompts for will be the same as last year, so students should begin planning their essays now.

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