An analysis of the popular books and authors

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An analysis of the popular books and authors

Photo illustration by Lisa Larson-Walker. Photos by Getty Images, via Wikimedia Commons. A quick survey reveals naval battles, grand adventures, and biography after biography about the Founding Fathers.

This state of affairs dismays many academic historians. The list was dominated by male authors. Of 23 titles, two were written by women. Advertisement Is popular history still a male preserve, in terms of authorship and subject matter? We decided to find out.

Inspired by the Vida Count projectwhich tallies bylines at major literary and intellectual magazines to see how many women can be found in their author pools, we looked at author gender among history books published for general readers in We also wanted to know more about content and approach.

Is it true that most popular history books are about presidents and war, or is that just our perception?

Are the Nazis as omnipresent as they seem to be? How many biographies are written about men, and how many about women? Do the Founding Fathers have an iron grip on the genre? Blue dots represent books by male authors; yellow dots represent books by female authors; green dots represent books co-authored by men and women.

Mouse over a dot for more information about individual titles, and use the menu below to see how the gender divide plays out across different categories: For our full methodology, click here. We found that Interestingly, the effect was slightly less pronounced among titles that made the New York Times best-seller list—but only slightly University press and trade imprints had roughly the same proportion of male to female authors.

The persistence of this imbalance, even among authors writing for presses that publish more academics, seems to reflect a continuing gender disparity among academic historians. InRobert Townsend of the American Historical Association wrote that among four-year college and university history faculty surveyed inonly 35 percent were women.

Spend reading and discussing six great novels alongside Slate's books and culture columnist Laura Miller and her fellow Slatesters. Biographies represented 21 percent of the total number of books published. Their subjects were While some of the biographies of men were written by women 13 percentfemale authors were far more likely than male writers to write biographies about women.

Sixty-nine percent of female biography authors wrote about female subjects, and there was a huge gap between this number and the 6 percent of male biography authors who wrote about women. Clearly, there is some relationship between the gender of authors of biographies and the gender of their subjects.

Advertisement Why does this matter? Academics are interested in cultural and social history because those approaches allow room for contemplation of what it was like to live life as an everyday person in a certain period, not just as a general or president or pioneer.The Best Books for Studying Literary and Critical Theory Jessica S.

Manuel “When the critic has said everything in his power about a literary text, he has still said nothing; for the very existence of literature implies that it cannot be replaced by non-literature”.

Nov 14,  · There are good authors and then there are great authors. These are the greatest writers to have ever graced the page with the swipe of a webkandii.coms: 3.

Her book, Publishers Weekly became the best book of the year, and it became the Times Editor’s choice. Stephenie Meyer was the bestselling author in and in the US. She sold more than 29 million books in and million books in The introductory paragraph of the book analysis paper should contain basic information about the book, such as the title, the author, the publication date, a very brief summary, whether or not the book is part of a series, and the genre.

The Archive for Rational Mechanics and Analysis nourishes the discipline of mechanics as a deductive, mathematical science in the classical tradition and promotes analysis, particularly in the context of application.

An analysis of the popular books and authors

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